Get a video access key

If you would like to use the lobby for streaming you must get your access key.


  1. vonage

  2. nexmo signup

  3. Create account with set a new password

  4. Verify email

  5. Provide phone number for double identfication

  6. Enter your code on you phone

  7. Are you a developper (answer whatever you like)

  8. In the options select "Conversations"

  9. You will land on the Vonage API Dashboard

  10. Select video API - getting started - try it for free!

  11. Sign-Up for Tok-Box

  12. Enter Billing Information

  13. View Account Key

  14. Creat a new project

  15. Settings → General settingsEdit
    Project Name: Choose a name (eg. BrainStore)
    Preferred Video CodecVP8
    Your selection only affects this project. Learn more about our supported codecs.
    Server Environment Standard Environment

Important: If the lobby doesn't load, go to the lobby settings -> More -> Reset video session