Multiple lobbies: ideal for breaking out or for the Idea City in the Discovery Phase

You can add as many lobbies as you like to your project

  • Add breakout rooms to your lobby
  • Add a Cinema, Museum, Park or Bar to your Idea City
  • Add lobbies with special functions to your main lobby

Adding new lobbies to your project

To add a new lobby: follow the steps in the tutorial → Create a new lobby

Check the privileges in your roles

Make sure your users can join all lobbies they might join
Make sure your organizing team can manage all lobbies they might need to manage

→ See tutorial Roles and Privileges

Make sure your users can find the additional lobbies and that they can find there way back

The easiest form is by placing a links in the bulletin boards

On the bulletin board of the Main Lobby

To breakout room 1
To breakout room 2
To breakout room 3

On the bulletin board of the additional Lobby

Back to the main lobby

Add a timer to the bulleting boards make sure your users come back in time...

<countdown 2020-12-31 23:59:59>

Beautify your links for instance with a card

<div class="card card-body w-50">
<h1>Please return at 6pm </h1>
<countdown 2020-12-31 18:00:00>
<a href="((link of the main lobby))" class="btn btn-success btn-block mt-2">Return to the main lobby</a>

Learn more about styling in the markdown tutorial of the SiteManager