Managing data

See who is here...

Active users in a lobby displayed at the top.
You can also use the :users command to display a list of active users.

See who participated

In the lobby settings click on more then select export attendees (csv)


1 In the lobby settings you can manage data

2 Export the chat history

All chat messages are available in the cvs format

3 Export the names of the participants


  • Entry time
  • Exit time
  • Role
  • Link to profile

4 Export Chat

This generates a report, which you can print to PDF with all actions

5 Hide chat History

This action correpsonds to the :reset action. Users who join the lobby won't see previous chat conversations

6 Remove chat history

This will delete the entire chat stream of your lobby

7 Reset video stream

With this you can reset the entire video functionality. This can help in case of troubles with connections - or users not being able understand the conversantions.

8 Last but not least: delete the lobby

With this last action your can delete the lobby. This will also delete all actions associated with this lobby, the user and chat history.