Settings of your site

You can change the settings of your site anytime.

In the settings of your site, you can change the following parameters

Is your site enabled or not?

You can disable your site - it won't appear anymore

The name and title of the site

You can give your site a name and a title. The title you provided when setting up your engine can be changed here.

The languages of your site and the primary language

You currently can set up sites in English, German, French and Italian. If you would like an additional language send an email to

Keep in mind: us as many languages as necessary and as few as possible. When you clone content from other sites only the available languages will be cloned.

Domaines of your site

You can change the domain for your site here.


You can change the menu nodes of your site

Branding and Social Media

You can add Site specific branding and Social Media Links