How to write a good briefing

How to write a briefing

BrainStore suggests to place briefing information in 6 categories

To get the briefing right you need a customer and a champ. They both need a 1:1 conversation. The champ takes a journalistic approach and interviews the customer.
Briefings need time. Don't rush it. If you have more questions, follow up. If things are not known declare them as not known.
Present the briefing to the customer and get the customer's feedback before moving on.

Part 1: Situation

Relevant facts and figures, Wikipedia style: who, when, what

Part 2: Purpose

What is the customer's purpose - why is the customer doing, what he is doing? The why. The reason. The driver. The focus.

Part 3: Road Map

What initiatives are planned to pursue the purpose? What is planned now, what comes then, what comes later, what comes maybe?

Part 4: Project related goals, brainstorming goals

Why is the customer coming to you? Try to keep this simple! Only one topic!

Part 5: Expected results

What are the expected result? What would the customer like to take home? Define the minimal scope. It's better to exceed the minimal scope than to promise a lot and not keep your promise.
What resources (money, manpower, tools) is the customer ready to make available? By when would the customer like the results?

Part 6: Success Criteria

How do we measure the project's success?

Some questions you might want to use when you are stuck

  • Tell me about your quest.
  • Tell me more about you.
  • What can I do for you?
  • What should we focus on?
  • By when would you like the results?
  • What resources can you make available?
  • When are you happy with the results?
  • What do you plan to do once you get the results?

Additional questions

  • Who is the customer?
  • Who are the customers customers?
  • How will the value be defined?
  • What resources would you like to make available for the workshop? Manpower, costs for external participants, location, f&b,?


  • Who are the customers customers?
  • Who represents the political side? (only-my-ideas-are-good" and Dr. No)
  • Who would be cool external experts?
  • Who could be cool lateral thinkers?
  • Who could we invite for the organizing team?


  • How can we motivate the participants?
  • Any special motivation requirements?


  • Existing ideas?
  • Logos and CI documents?

Road Map

  • What will happen after the workshop?
  • What resources are available for implementation of the ideas? What time frame?
  • Any other things going on currently?