What are pads?

Pads are simple, temporary, collective editing tools in BrainStore.
The technological background can be found here:
BrainStore has it's own pad server.

How do I create a pad?

Creating a pad is so easy it's confusing at first... You simply enter any URL that starts with


Then add whatever you like



(the maximum length of a pad name (your part) is 50 characters - don't use spaces, please

To embed a pad: replace the https:// through a b://, and you will have the pad on your website or in your lobby.

How do I find my pads?

After creating the pad you need to remember the link you set, e.g. by setting a bookmark. You won't find your pads otherwise

Security of pads

The pads are secure. Provided you don't make the link public... Be aware: Everyone with the link can share or make public the link

Pad templates

Select the template and copy-paste the content to your new pad

Setting a pad to read-only

In the settings, you can get the read-only link to your pads.

Additional features

Add comments
Add your name as the author/contributor
Activate spellcheck
Add images