Manage your projects

Manage your projects - add idea machines, websites and lobbies and build a community.

Learn about

  • Login in to the project manager
  • Creating a project
  • Build a community with roles and privileges and guest lists
  • Add Idea Machines
  • Add Websites
  • Add Lobbies
Login to the project manager as a BrainStore Partner or Community member
Create a project

As a BrainStore partner you can create as many projects as you like.

Compose your Community

Every project has a community.

Add idea machines

With the privilege "can create idea machines" you can add as many idea machines to a project as you like.

Add websites

With the privilege "can add websites" you can add as many websites to the project as you like.

Add lobbies

You can add lobbies to your projects

Manage roles and privileges

Managing access rights is an important part of your projects.

Guest lists: building a community

With BrainStore's guestlist you build your communities.

Create a newsletter for your community
Modify Settings

Here you can change the name of your project, delete your project or get in touch with a project owner.

Basic Settings for an Online Workshop

This tutorial provides with all the tools to get up and running with your online workshop. All links are referring to the demo project of Jonathans's Juice bar.