In person workshops

Run through the Idea Machine Engine with your team with the following simple steps.

Start with the first steps

Define the essential settings of your project - make sure you have a good briefing

Continue with the amassing phase.

This phase is all about quantity. Add questions, assign tools, print your forms and capture inspirations.

Continue with the illumination phase.

Enter the illumination question. Print your idea sheets. Capture the good ideas.

Move on the like phase.

Print the good ideas, collect the likes from the participants and capture the likes.

Now it's time for refining the ideas.

Which ideas would you like to keep, drop or put on hold?

Idea Selection - you're almost done.

Copy the ideas on keep to the selection too. Add images to your ideas, download your presentation, print the selection forms and capture selection results.

Design your roadmap.

Copy the Idea Selection ideas and place them on your roadmap. Print your roadmap!