Add a theme and change a theme

Select your theme in the settings

In your lobby settings your can select your theme. After saving the theme will become available to every user in your lobby.

Change your theme during a workshop

Would you like to change your theme during a workshop?

:theme ((name of theme))

This will change the theme in your settings too.

To revert to the default theme

:theme default

Available themes

Name of the theme
To activate type
Default :theme default
35°C :theme thirtyfive
Bar :theme bar
Blue :theme blueprint
Blueprint :theme blueprint
Cinema :theme cinema
City :theme city
Foggy Forrest :theme foggyforrest
Green :theme green
Lago Lodge :theme lagolodge
Library :theme library
Lounge :theme lounge
Moonlight :theme moonlight
Museum :theme museum
Paper :theme papaer
Park :theme park
Purple Brain :theme purplebrain
Submerged :theme submerged
Sunset :theme sunset
Unknown Unknowns :theme unknownunknown
Yellow Brain :theme yellowbrain

Add a custom theme

Add an image to create a custom theme - select a theme with a comparable image to ensure good reading quality