Online Workshops

You can run your Idea Machine process entirely online. Every process step involves four parts.

1. Prepare the process step

Make sure you are well prepared - you don't want to waste the time of the participants.

2. Customize landing pages and instructions for participants

Customize your landing pages and instruction to make sure, all participants understand the topic and context.

3. Invite the participants

Invite the participants with the provided link: you can invite participants by sharing the link in the green area

Logged in users

Logged in users will be directed to the landing page

Users, who are not logged in

Users, who are not logged in will be invited to provide their email address

  • If the email address is not known an account is created and the user is forwarded to the landing page

  • If the email address is associated with a user who has an account, the system will generate an email with a direct login link and send it to the user. This is the securtiy measure to prevent participation under a different name and to prevent multiple participants from the same user.

4. Share results

Share the results within your community.

Amassing phase

During the amassing phase, users answer a set of questions - all relating to the project's topic. Live test here.

Discovery phase

During the discovery phase, users answer see all the results from the amassing phase - and discover good ideas. All ideas get a title and description. Users can freely scroll through four areas. Live test here.

Like phase

During the like phase, participants can indicate which ideas they like. Ideas are presented in a random order to prevent sequence bias. Live test here.

Criteria Scan - community inputs

Run a criteria scan instead of having endless discussions... Live tool here.

Criteria Scan - refinement
Idea Selection

Participants get to see a selection of top ideas - ideally with a visual - can provide a rating - and comment on the idea. You can also ask for involvement. Live test here.