Welcome to BrainStore's Site Manager

Create beautiful websites with smart workflow and templates to delight customers and yourself.

In October 2018 BrainStore introduced the Site-Manager which allows members of the BrainStore Community to set up and manage websites

Features include

  • Chose from amazing page templates. Templates include overview pages, flea markets, timeline pages, case studies, simple pages, essays, and nuggets. There are also special pages for locations or image galleries.

  • Link pages from other sites seamless into your page.

  • Customize your logos and your menus

  • Use Markdown Syntax for very easy formatting


BrainStore's Page Types
Add Content with Markdown Syntax
Working with labels
Quick Tips
Add special features

Add special features to your sites. You can place links into the lead or body.

Design resources
Special Fields
New and experimental features
Changing Node Types

At times it may make sense to change a node type. This is easy.