Import and Export Content from your Idea Machine

More and more import and export features are added to the Idea Machine.

Exporting: the basics

There are four main export functions

  1. Export to a word processor
  2. Export to a spreadsheet
  3. Export as markdown
  4. Export as PDF (you can find those in print shop)

The first three export funktion will provide you with a page from which you can copy/paste the content many other applications (e.g. Google Docs, Google Sheets, Microsoft Word etc).

Importing: the basics

All import functions require a spreadsheet with predefined headers. Templates are provided and instructions can be found on the first sheet of the template.

Importing and Exporting Roadmap Data

In the Import/Export Part of the Cockpit you have three options to import and export data

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Import Items to a Cycleboard

If you have standard elements you want to import to your cycleboard the import feature is quite cool, especially if you would like to copy and paste information.

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Import Amassing questions from a spreadsheet into your Idea Machine

You can easily import amassing questions to your idea machine. When importing amassing questions there are mandatory and optional fields.

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