The Cockpit

Welcome to your cockpit

In your cockpit, you will find

  • A menu for your briefings
  • Tools to run online workshops
  • Tools to run in-person workshops
  • Tools for the organizing team
  • A printshop to print forms
  • Import/export function
  • Access to your Cycle Board

On the top right, you find the settings menu for your project.

And: you can access all your results in the results box.

How to write a good briefing

How to write a briefing

Online Workshops

You can run your Idea Machine process entirely online. Every process step involves four parts.

In person workshops

Run through the Idea Machine Engine with your team with the following simple steps.

Organizing Team

Here you will find the tools for the members of the organizing team as well as the page with the workshop script.

Welcome to the print shop

The Idea Machine Software provides you with all the printed tools you need for your workshops.

Import and Export Content from your Idea Machine

More and more import and export features are added to the Idea Machine.


Most settings should work fine for your projects. However there are many settings which you can customize.

Have a look at the results