Create a new lobby


1 In your project's navigator create a new lobby

In your project select → New → Lobby

2 Add the initial settings to your lobby


In the settings you can add the title of your lobby, a permanent welcome message etc.

1. Name of you lobby

Give your lobby any name you like

2. Provide welcome message

This message appears for all users on the top left side of the lobby

3. Bulleting Board Content

Add the initial content of your bulleting board (this will be overwritten every time you run an action - if you want to keep it create a initial action

4. Theme of you lobby

Choose a style lobby theme you like - you can change this any time.

5. Enable Video Chat

Enable this, if you'd like to use the video chat function

3 Access the lobby from the project manager

From the project manager you can now

  • Join the lobby
  • Access the settings

4 Grant access to the participants - grant access to the organizing team

Before the organizing team and participants can access the lobby, please make sure, that they have access rights.

Participants need the privilege join Lobby ((name)) or join any Lobby
Organizers need the privilege manage Lobby ((name)) or manage any Lobby

Details on working with roles and privileges can be found here.

5 Enable Self Sign Up

To enable Self-Sign-Up please refer to the guest lists page