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Overview Tutorials

In Getting started you find tutorials to share with your users. E.g. intro videos for workshops. My BrainStore contains everything you need to know about your personal BrainStore settings. In Stores and Offers you learn how to set up your personal BrainStore and add content to your store.
In the ProjectManager you learn all you need to know about creating a new project, adding websites, idea machines, and lobbies to your project. In Roles and Privileges you learn everything about access rights. In Guest Lists you learn how to build your community and in Newsletters how to share information with your community. The Lobbies, SiteManager and IdeaMachine tutorials contain all you need to know about BrainStore's key tools.

Tutorials for participants
My BrainStore

Manage your profile and access all BrainStore tools in your overview page.

Stores and Offers

Setup your BrainStore add products, case studies, milestones tools and offers.

Manage your projects

Manage your projects - add idea machines, websites and lobbies and build a community.

Manage roles and privileges

Managing access rights is an important part of your projects.

Guest lists: building a community

With BrainStore's guestlist you build your communities.

Create a newsletter for your community

Lobbies are great, when you work remotely and you would like to use BrainStore's tools in an online environment.

Cycle Board

With every Idea Machine there is a Cycle Board included - you can subscribe to notifications.

Welcome to BrainStore's Site Manager

Create beautiful websites with smart workflow and templates to delight customers and yourself.

The Idea Machine Software Tool

BrainStore's Idea Machine Engine is a powerful tool to manage innovation processes.


Collaborative Notes.

Lobby Support - Tipps